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The History of Stonehurst


Commanding of your attention with its immense architectural beauty, Stonehurst has evolved from a prominent 1800’s family residence to a B&B that provides the warmth and comfort of your own home.

The modern-day Stonehurst property has not always been known by this name, beginning its reputation in the community owned by the Argo family c1853-1933. The Argos were one of the wealthiest and most progressive families in Fergus, and the building erected in 1853 that they called home maintains to this day the affluence and heritage that the Argos represented in the area. In 1867 the building was ‘built-around’ and incorporated into a newer residence, it was further enlarged in the 1870’s, and in the 1930’s underwent more work when the Beatty Family purchased the property.

Although Adam Argo was very renowned in Fergus history, he was born in Scotland. It was in 1836 that he and his brother arrived in Canada and began farming. Three years later Adam sold his interest in the family farm to his brother and managed a milling and mercantile business — a trade he learned from his father. In 1850 he purchased land in Fergus and erected a large stone building — known as the Argo block. At the same time he purchased a large amount of land at the corner of Union Street and St David Street South, the present location of Stonehurst.

In 1865 Adam’s son James took over the mills, mercantile and home properties and soon after married. Adam Argo returned to Fergus in late 1874 and lived with his son, which precipitated an expansion to the house to give mother and father a suitable apartment where they could live in dignity with their own servants.

The property stayed in the Argo family until the death of James’ daughter, Mary, at which time it was purchased by the Beatty family.

The house has served many purposes over the years — a photography studio and newspaper office, to name a few — before becoming a bed and breakfast in 2001.

What our guests are saying:

Thanks again for having us! Every-time is like coming home away from home. It’s such a happy comfortable place with great people and amazing food. Thank you guys very much for always welcoming us every single time with such bliss. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Alyssa and DebraQuebec